In Plain Sight Uk S01E02

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In Plain Sight Uk

Drama|Crime - ITV - Wednesday - Running

In Plain Sight - Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2 - It is September and nine months after the death of Anne Kneilands the police are no further forward in finding her killer.Detective Muncie is sure he knows the culprit. Even though not part of the investigation he goes to Manuel's home to try and reason with his father who gave him the alibi he needed to be free of the investigation. Samuel Manuel is uncooperative and angry about Muncie's accusation.On the 17 September, Muncie hears the news that the Watt family, a mother, daughter and Mrs Watt's sister had all been shot dead in their beds. Although the modus operandi was different from Manuel's usual violence, Muncie was immediately concerned this was his doing. Again, although not part of the investigating team, Muncie goes to the Watt house and discovers enough evidence that it was Manuel to take his findings to Inspector Leish, the man in charge.Leish has already decided the husband William Watt was the murderer. Two eyewitnesses said they had seen him close to his home that evening. Peter Manuel, in Barlinnie serving time for petty theft at the time, approaches Watt's solicitor Laurence Dowdall and offers information that will prove his client, Watt, did not commit the murders. Between this intervention and some more detective work on Muncie's part William Watt is released without charge after 67 days behind bars.With no concrete evidence against Manuel, Muncie is forced to wait for his next move and this time Manuel approaches Watt and Dowdall directly again offering to meet them and reveal the name of the real killer. They go to Muncie for advice and 18 he suggests they meet in a public place, together, and try to get him to say something incriminating which they could then corroborate. Manuel meets them but they get nowhere. Another chance for him to show how much power he has and how useless the police are. On 28 December a young woman, Isabelle Cooke is reported missing. On 29 December Peter Manuel hands himself in for questioning.



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