Love Yurts S01E05-E06

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Love Yurts

DIY - DIY Network - Thursday - Running

Love Yurts - Season 1 Episode 5

Namaste Yurt - Yurt Builders Nathan and Jenny Toler meet up with clients Sara and Shawn who want to expand their current home in Haleiwa, Hawaii, to include a multi-functional 16-foot yurt that will serve as a yoga studio and lounge space for the couple and their two daughters. It is smooth sailing back at the Tolers' workshop as they begin sewing fabric walls and building out a tiny kitchen, but when it comes time to assemble the yurt at the build site, they're hit with massive downpours and construction mishaps. Watch as they overcome all obstacles to create a unique and zen space the whole family can enjoy.

DIY - DIY Network - Thursday - Running

Love Yurts - Season 1 Episode 6

Windy Yurt - Ryan and Ali are relocating to a beautiful lot on Hawaii's North Shore that they bought unseen on the internet. They've asked yurt builders Nathan and Jenny Toler to construct a safari-themed yurt with office and living space on the main floor and a half loft for two on the second level. Nathan and Jenny have their work cut out for them on this build as they are forced to battle incredibly high winds on top of this picturesque hilltop overlooking Turtle Bay. Watch as they create an incredible yurt with a view and stick around for a surprise ending.



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