Rank The Prank S01E12

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Rank The Prank

Children - CBBC - Saturday - Running

Rank the Prank - Season 1 Episode 12

Hungry Robot - Two teams compete to pull practical jokes on an unsuspecting public. The pesky pranksters are Red Herring 'Matthew and Dylan' and Team Blackout (Donavan and Hugo) who team up with stunt performer Devon Slack and prosthetics and make-up wizard CJ Goldman to stage the biggest and best pranks on an unsuspecting public. Teams head to a yoga studio and it is all hands on deck to rig the hidden cameras and special effects required to bring our pranksters' ideas to life. But which team will impress our prank-loving panel of ranksters to win the chance to stage a mind-blowing prank on a target of their choice? The reactions are big and the pranks are out of this world when Donavan and Hugo's uplifting Mediation Levitation takes on Matthew and Dylan's spacey Mars Move! For the winning team, the effectors take over a robotics lab and create the most lifelike robot ever built! But when the robot makes a dramatic escape from the lab, will our target be able to stop it?



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