The Big Life Fix With Simon Reeve S01E03

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The Big Life Fix With Simon Reeve

|Documentary| - BBC Two - Wednesday - Running

The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve - Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3 - The UK's leading inventors create ingenious new solutions to every-day problems and build life-changing solutions for people in desperate need. Mum of two Shamreen suffers from a degenerative condition which has left her with very limited vision, and she is struggling to get around in public with her two young sons. Seven-year-old Rosie had brain surgery as a baby and now wears a cumbersome medical helmet. She desperately wants the team to invent her a new helmet that will be less visible and help her fit in with her friends. And the team are challenged with coming up with a solution to help two teenage brothers with cystic fibrosis - a debilitating disease that severely affects their breathing.



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